Major solo exhibition Ocean Gleaning opens at Baker Museum in Naples, FL

December 18 – July 24 | Located on the first floor of The Baker Museum Conceptual artist and activist Pam Longobardi has channeled her lifelong love of the ocean into an artistic practice that transforms the mountains of plastic debris that wash up on beaches around the world. For more than 15 years, Longobardi has utilized found ocean plastics as her primary source material, arranging hundreds of plastic pieces into meticulous wall-mounted artworks or turning them into monumental floor-based sculptures. She refers to this body of work as the Drifters…

DIY Beach Cleaning!~ Avithos Beach

This is a still from my new short film “DIY Beach Cleanup~ Avithos” on Vimeo! In less than 10 minutes I cleaned a 50 meter stretch of gorgeous Avithos beach of 173 pieces of plastic. Try it yourself, its fun, rewarding, and for me, is providing new forensic evidence for my understanding of the dynamic flow and messages of the sea~ DIYbeachClean Avithos-iPhone from Pam Longobardi on Vimeo.