Video + Interactive

Fox4 Fort Meyers NewsTV feature

Economies of Scale – Interactive Forensic website

Vimeo Channel – Drifters Project

Acts of Warning (semaphore)

TEDx Greenstreet COUNTDOWN

STRAWS trailer + article

Plastic Free Island Kefalonia

EcoSense for Living Channel on NPR

The Plastic Gyre  on GSUTV

Drifters Project on PBS Ecosense for Living 

TEDx Talk:  Turning to Face Monstrous Plastic

Drifters Project on Weather Channel TV

National Geographic GYRE: Creating Art from a Plastic Ocean

Interview at GreenMe Film Festival Berlin

Pam Longobardi Artist Talk at Crystal Bridges Museum

Drifters and Plastic Free Island short films

Giant Sea Cave Excavation

Drifters Project:  Hawaii

Out of the Bag


Patina Maldives Ocean Residency and Art Commission

Plastic Free Island

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