Hyperallergic A Crowd-Sourced Archive of Ocean Plastic by Sarah Rose Sharp

Burnaway Reader 2020: Laws of Salvage  In Conversation with Pam Longobardi by Elizabeth Giddens

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Framing the Ocean: 1700 to the Present Plastic As Shadow: The Toxicity of Objects by Pam Longobardi

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SIERRA Magazine Look. Look Again. Do Something. commission for cover,  Spout:  The Finer Side of Flotsam by Steve Hawk and Can Art Schools Save the Planet? by Amy Westervelt

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Emory University CDC Plastic GYRE Symposium 

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Smithsonian Magazine Artists Join Scientists on an Expedition to Collect Marine Debris by Vicky Gan

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City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Artist Spotlight Interview by Iman Person

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