Show in Prague and New York: Anthropocene – (In)visible Changes

The exhibition in Prague is an exchange show with Czech and American artists. I am exhibiting a series of large-scale photographic cartouches with a sculptural installation, and was followed by a 2nd show at Front Room Gallery in NY in Feb 2023. Galerie kritiků, Palác Adria, Jungmannova 31/36, Prague 1, Czech Republic . Curators: Vlasta Čiháková-Noshiro, Petra Valentová and Kathleen Vance Artists : Sasha Bezzubov, Pamela Longobardi, Stephen Mallon, Lucie Svoboda Mičíková, Jan Pfeiffer, Adam Vačkář, Petra Gupta Valentová, Kathleen Vance  The Anthropocene is a relatively new term in the field…

DIY Beach Cleaning!~ Avithos Beach

This is a still from my new short film “DIY Beach Cleanup~ Avithos” on Vimeo! In less than 10 minutes I cleaned a 50 meter stretch of gorgeous Avithos beach of 173 pieces of plastic. Try it yourself, its fun, rewarding, and for me, is providing new forensic evidence for my understanding of the dynamic flow and messages of the sea~ DIYbeachClean Avithos-iPhone from Pam Longobardi on Vimeo.