Two Museum Shows and Two Gallery Solos~

2018 was busy: I exhibited large-scale installations at the Telfair Museum’s Jepson Center in Savannah, the CDC’s David J. Sencer Museum in Atlanta, and at Momentum Gallery in Asheville, NC and a window vitrine installation at The Great Highway in San Francisco.

New works were created for the Telfair’s Contemporary Spotlight exhibition, the “Night Flag of Lesvos” and the “Anthropocene Time Capsule (Tybee Island)”.  My work was installed in 3 locations throughout the museum: the Grand Stairway landing; within the “Complex Uncertainties” exhibition, and in the theater, where the “Giant Sea Cave Excavation” was screened daily.

For Momentum Gallery, I created new devalued currency collages of the “Islands of Refuge” series.

In my old neighborhood in San Francisco, the Outer Sunset, is a cool little gallery called The Great Highway.  My window vitrine installation looked out on my old street Lawton.  We did a forensic beach cleaning with a small devoted group of surfers, life guards and neighborhood locals.

Finally, the CDC Museum commissioned new work to feature within a show on the refugee crisis titled “The Refugee Path to Wellbeing.”  I created a series of large scale portraits of individual life vests that spanned a 100 foot wall.


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