Story in the numbers

Part of the project of cleaning the cave was conducting a forensic study on the totality of the materials inside. As each geographic location has its own character, each beach cleaning creates a portrait of that location, its culture, its industry, its values. The contents of the sea cave create a similar story. The following are the total tallies of each and every individual plastic object that was taken from the cave.

1310 pieces of Styrofoam (polystyrene), ball-type, white or black

320 PETE plastic beverage bottles

118 pieces of compressed foam, insulation, packing and aerosol, turquoise and yellow

73 HDPE bottles or containers

71 shoes or shoe parts, predominantly slipper or flipflop-type

37 net floats, Greek style small red foam donuts

37 bottle necks or tops

11 lighters

2 floatation devices

2 brooms

2 toilet parts

5 English words: Nestle (2), Mobile Oil (2), Gulf (1)

1 sunglasses

1 balloon
1990 TOTAL pieces of plastic

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