Rally for Drifters Project Kefalonia 2013: Phase 3!!

In 2012, we cleaned a massive sea cave of over 3000 pieces of plastic.

In 2013, we want to clean an entire port.


I’m leading the Rally for Drifters Project Kefalonia, and I think you will be inspired by this campaign. Please take a moment to check it out.

Join this Rally with me:


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Drifters Project/Kefalonia, Phase 3, Port Excavation proposes an expansion of Phase 1 (2011 exhibition and beach cleanings) and Phase 2 (2012 cave excavation and film) to encompass an ongoing collaborative project between the Ionion Center for Art and Culture and the Greek Naval Academy of the Ionion Islands for cleaning the ports of Poros (2013) and the major Port of Argostoli (2014) to create public art and educational outreach in the Naval Academy and Ionion Center of Kefalonia, and at the University of Athens.

Drifters Project Team members include: Pam Longobardi (US, founder, artist and professor); Sarina Basta (US, curator and writer); Dianna Cohen (US, Plastic Pollution Coalition co-founder and artist); Maria Rigatou (GR, musician and resident of Kefalonia); Nickos Myrtou (GR, editor, filmmaker) and Sergio Kotsovou (GR, photographer, cinematographer) Principal collaborating institutions include: Sophia Kagidis (Director, Ionion Center); Navy Academy Administration local Authorities in Environmental protection on Kefalonia; and University of Athens Communication and Media Studies department. Scientific and Archaeological Advisor: Evyenia Yannouli, (GR, archaeologist, Professor of the University of Peloponnese, and founder of A.SHO.RE.)

Budget Goal: $10,000            Rally for Drifters Project Kefalonia

We are seeking sponsorship from citizens around the world and other dedicated entrepreneurs with an interest in global plastic pollution remediation. At this time of great uncertainty and challenge for all levels of society in Greece, DRIFTERS project has found an eager and active collaborator in innovative and creative Greek citizens from the cultural, educational and governmental sector.

Expenses of this program are modest yet out of reach of the Greek citizenry. DRIFTERS project team members have made out-of-pocket and in-kind contributions to make the 1st and 2nd years of the project happen. At this point, we are seeking funding to make our most important phase a reality.

We are asking for start up funds to engage in long-term assistance to Greece in addressing plastic pollution problems and solutions~ Any amount would be a big help, even $50.

We would like to ‘brand’ the effort in a recognizable way with Drifters team logo t-shirts. We are penetrating higher education, local cultural institutes and governmental agencies and want to draw collaboration under the umbrella of the project, supported by Plastic Pollution Coalition, Kunstverein NY, and our new sponsors.

We believe this can be a marketable sell for ecotourism in Greece to help its failing economy.

Thanks for helping us make a difference.

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