OCEAN GLEANING: New book published by Fall Line Press arriving in DECEMBER 2022!

We are funded!! Thank you to all my supporters!!


The books are being printed and bound and will soon be en route to Fall Line in Atlanta, due to arrive in early December!

You may order the book from either link above.

Ocean Gleaning tracks the 17+ years of my art and research around the world through the Drifters Project.  Traveling on major expeditions or just walking on the beach, I hunt for and remove plastics that have been tossed about on a long journey through ocean ecosystems.  This is my story.

The book documents my journey to remote and difficult to reach places around the world where plastic has been accumulating.  Powerful artifacts enter into the Drifters Archive  collection of tens of thousands.  The book reveals portraits of a sample of 100 specimens of striking objects harvested from the sea, these are objects once utilitarian that have been changed by their drifting voyages and come back as messages from the ocean.

The book also contains a section of forensic site photographs from around the world; 

a collection of Prophetic Object cartouches; 

plastic object imposters masquerading as natural objects;

and finally, contributions from 75 individuals invited from around the world to seek and reveal their own messages received from the ocean.  

A foreward by Jennifer Wagner Lawlor and brilliant essays by renowned thought leaders D. Graham Burnett, Sarina Basta, and Anand Pandian contextualize the project within the history of art, science, anthropology, feminist studies and human interaction with wild nature.  I have written an essay too.

The book is a companion to a major solo exhibition (Dec 2021-July2022) held at the Baker Museum in Naples, Florida who sponsored the publication . Within the pages are a curatorial essay by the Director and Chief Curator Courtney McNeill and images of the large sculptures and installations I have created with the plastic material, along with the Forensic Lab created especially for this exhibition.

Ocean Gleaning:  Book Details

• 252 pages with 198 pages of full-color plates

• 8.5″ x 11″ Hardcover, Swiss binding, fine art book with imprinted and embossed cover

• Printed on 170 gsm eco-friendly paper

• Essays by D. Graham Burnett, Sarina Basta and Anand Pandian

•  Artist essay and foreward by Jennifer Wagner Lawlor

• Edition of 750


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