Large-Scale Commission at 8 West!~

I was commissioned to create a very large scale permanent wall installation for the new 8 West complex in Atlanta. The work measured 12 feet in height and 8 feet wide and was installed in a wall niche in the entrance atrium. The piece is visible from the 3rd Street entrance.


This artwork contains 627 pieces of derelict ocean plastic retrieved from remote beaches, sea caves and coastal zones around the world, including Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica, California, Greece, Indonesia, Belize, Panama, Alabama and Georgia.  Plastic is an invented substance that will never be absorbed back into the elemental matter of nature.  It will be present in our future geologic layers as a marker of both human ingenuity and appetites.  Many objects are recognizable and many are not, but they are all messages providing information from their journey through the living ocean world.  Shark bites are visible; coral, barnacles and bryozoans can be seen growing on it.  Also recognizable are the many forms of human desire for things.

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