Mission Accomplished ~ Giant Sea Cave Excavation filmed

We had a one day window and a single chance to make this film. All forces collided to help us. For 7 days we tried to enter the cave and only 1 time were we successful in order to strategize the entry and exit with everyone safe, the plastic removed and bags not broken to put it back in the sea. The amazing shooter Sergio Ko was in the water with us, and getting bashed by the waves not to drop or crash his expensive camera. The incredible editor Nickos Myrtou created a powerful document in a single day. Craig Dongoski made a searing soundtrack with my choice of pilot whale songs for the underlying theme. My powerful team of girl swimmers Sarina Basta and Maria Rigatou gave it their all. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

View the film here by clicking link below:

Giant Sea Cave Excavation ~ Kefalonia

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