Plastic Free Island Kefalonia 2014 PRESS + MEDIA~

Ouroboros installation in Argostoli plastic12-075 IF

Ionian Press, July 13 “The Plastic Free Island in Argostoli Square in a Lovely Manifestation”

Ionian Channel TV, July 9 (aired) ‘Program: Plastic Free Island’

InKefalonia, July 8 (featured article with photos/videos)

efimerida Kefalonia July 8 “No Straws for Koutavos”


Kefalonia News, July 19 ‘Plastic Free Island, an innovative program that brings Kefalonia on the world stage …’

Kefalonitis, Facebook, July 8

Kefalonitis, youtube, July 8

Kefalonia Press, July 8

efmerida Kefalonia, July 4, “Mission Accomplished Against Plastic Pollution- Journal Kefalonia“, July 5  “Meeting between the Vice Mayor Mr. Kekatos of Tourism Kefalonia and Drifter’s Project Pam Longobardi and Plastic Pollution Coalition Dianna Cohen the directors of the Plastic Free Island”, July 4 ‘Kefalonia Plastic Free Island- Voluntary Cleaning of Fanare Beach’

InKefalonia, July 2, featured article “S.O.S. Plastic Sea”