GYRE: The Plastic Ocean book


With stunning visual impact and an astonishing array of ocean trash, internationally recognized artists create works of art for this exhibition from debris collected from beaches around the world. Plastic packaging in a throwaway culture finds its way into our ocean biosphere and then into the hands of artists. Our oceans and beaches are awash [...]

ENDLESS: New Exhibition opening at Sandler Hudson in Atlanta Nov. 1st

Event Horizon: Economies of Scale, (detail of installation), 2013, microplastic, plastic, oil, hydrocarbons, steel, gouache, acrylic, pigment on cyanotype over wood, 22" x 18" x  230"

  Event Horizon: Economies of Scale, (detail of installation), 2013, microplastic, plastic, oil, hydrocarbons, steel, gouache, acrylic, pigment on cyanotype over wood, 22″ x 18″ x 230″ SANDLER HUDSON GALLERY ENDLESS by Pam Longobardi November 1- December 14, 2013 Reception: Friday, November 1, 2013 7:00-9:00pm  Artist Talk and Film Screening:  Saturday, November 23, 2:00pm Sandler [...]

GYRE Exhibition Upcoming at Anchorage Museum in Feb 2014~

Anchorage Museum | Image by

The GYRE exhibition tells a global ocean debris story through the work of more than 20 celebrated artists from around the world.  The 7,500 square-foot exhibition will include a section specific to Alaska featuring the 2013 GYRE expedition’s resulting scientific discoveries, as well as art created from the marine debris gathered on Alaska’s beaches during the [...]

National Geographic Magazine and Video Feature!

NEXTNatGeo gyrex_021

The GYRE Expedition, a project I have been working on with the Anchorage Museum and Alaska Sea Life Center for four years, was an amazing success. National Geographic producer JJ Kelly and Josh Thomas have made a potent and beautiful film that is a Nat Geo feature video and profiled in the magazine. See the [...]

Winner of The Hudgens Prize!!

installing Hudgens Prize Finalist exhibition

Something incredible has happened that will support my work in an untold multitude of ways – I have been awarded The Hudgens Prize. This prize is a gift made by anonymous donors and bequeathed by the Hudgens Center for the Arts.  It is one of the largest art awards in the US, a cash prize [...]

Amazing 3-D Photosynth Image from Alaska


    Andy Hughes’ amazing photosynth image from GYRE expedition in Alaska!  Click here to see fully 360 degree image of Hallo Bay!

DIY Beach Cleaning!~ Avithos Beach


This is a still from my new short film “DIY Beach Cleanup~ Avithos” on Vimeo! In less than 10 minutes I cleaned a 50 meter stretch of gorgeous Avithos beach of 173 pieces of plastic. Try it yourself, its fun, rewarding, and for me, is providing new forensic evidence for my understanding of the dynamic [...]

“Seescape” at George Adams Gallery, NY

Sleeping Giant, 2006

“Seescape At George Adams Gallery, NY George Adams Gallery’s summer show is Seescape, curated by Edward Boyer.  Spanning almost a century and a half of painting, drawing and photography, the exhibition explores the evolution of maritime representation from the sublime to the political. The artists included are: Dozier Bell, William Bradford, Vija Celmins, Lynn Davis, Pat de [...]

Rally for Drifters Project Kefalonia 2013: Phase 3!!


In 2012, we cleaned a massive sea cave of over 3000 pieces of plastic. In 2013, we want to clean an entire port. I’m leading the Rally for Drifters Project Kefalonia, and I think you will be inspired by this campaign. Please take a moment to check it out. Join this Rally with me: [...]

GYRE Expedition Updates and Gallery

Sunrise Tonsina Bay

June 8, 2013 – Gore Point, Gulf of Alaska By 6:30 am, after the 9 hour passage from Seward in pitching 6 Ft+ swell, we stirred from bed to find ourselves in a glass-flat cove in complete silence. Full of asparagus frittata by the remarkable Norseman chef Aaron, we began mustering for our first beach [...]